📱 Apple WWDC 2024 recap

PLUS: The world’s first AI beauty pageant; Caitlin Clark left off Team USA team

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🍎 A Complete Apple ‘WWDC 2024’ Recap

Let’s see how quickly we can go through this recap.

Ready, set, go…

First, the highlights:

  • 🤖 Generative AI System: Tim Cook unveiled Apple Intelligence, a new generative AI system integrated into iOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and other Apple operating systems.

  • 📲 Siri Overhaul: Siri received a major AI makeover powered by Apple Intelligence, offering more natural, relevant, and personal interactions.

  • 🤝 OpenAI Partnership: Apple officially announced its partnership with OpenAI, integrating ChatGPT into Siri and other Apple software features.

Siri has a new logo and interactive menu

Apple’s new Siri design animation; a pulsating rainbow screen border appears when activating Siri.

Now, by category:

New AI Features:

Creating custom AI avatars with “Image Playground”

Apple Intelligence powers new writing tools like ‘Rewrite,’ which allows users to choose from different versions of their writing.

Software Updates:

  • 📱 iOS 18: Major redesigns for Photos, Messages, and new home screen customization options.

  • 💻️ macOS Sequoia: Introduced iPhone Mirroring for better integration between Mac and iPhone.

  • ✍️ iPadOS 18: New features include a native calculator app for the first time, Math Notes, and improved Shareplay.

  • ⌚️ watchOS 11: Focused on fitness and health tracking improvements.

  • 📺️ tvOS 18: Added InSight for actor and song identification and smart subtitles.

  • 🥽 VisionOS 2: Updates for the Vision Pro headset, including higher display resolution and new gesture controls.

iOS 18’s new home screen customization options

New Apps and Features:

  • 🔑 Passwords App: A new app for password storage and access.

  • 💸 Tap to Cash: Allows iPhone users to exchange money via tap.

  • 🎮️ Gaming Updates: New games like "Assassin's Creed" coming to Mac.

  • 🔒️ Privacy Enhancements: Focus on on-device AI processing to keep user data private, using "Private Cloud Compute" for complex tasks.

Phew, man, we’re out of breath. Did anybody time that?

The new Passwords app on Mac

📈 Apple ($AAPL) stock is up 4.03% this year.

🤔 Caitlin Clark left off Team USA team

📸 Fox News

In a shocking turn of events, Caitlin Clark, arguably the face of WNBA basketball, has been left off the 12-player U.S. women's Olympic team competing in Paris this July.

For those unfamiliar with her game, here’s a refresher:

  • NCAA Division I is the all-time leading scorer in both men's and women's basketball (3,667 points).

  • The most field goals made in an NCAA career.

  • First Division I player to record over 3,800 points, 1,000 assists, and 950 rebounds in a career.

  • Set the NCAA single-season 3-point record with 163, surpassing Stephen Curry's previous mark.

  • Brought Iowa to the "Final Four" for the first time in over 30 years.

Not to mention her record-breaking $28M deal with Nike AND her boost to the WNBA’s TV ratings.

📸 Getty Images

Clearly, the girl has a knack for winning and getting eyeballs, so why wouldn’t she be added?

  • Well, in place of attention, it seems the selection committee who chooses the team wanted players with more experience, like Diana Taurasi, who won five Olympic gold medals and is about to turn 42.

  • Other team members, such as Chelsea Gray, Jewell Loyd, Kelsey Plum, and Britney Griner, also have Olympic experience.

We get it; they clearly wanted people with Olympic experience.

💬 The committee includes South Carolina coach and former U.S. coach Dawn Staley, LSU assistant Seimone Augustus, Old Dominion coach Delisha Milton-Jones, Connecticut Sun president Jennifer Rizzotti, and WNBA head of league operations Bethany Donaphin.

📸 Getty Images

But there are a few reasons why this still makes no sense:

  • First, the U.S. women's basketball team has won the gold medal 7 consecutive times, starting in 1996.

And this year doesn’t seem to have any dark horses who look like they can knock the U.S. off the throne. 

  • Next, Caitlin Clark is in the top five in WNBA assists, has the second-most 3-pointers, and is in the top 13 in points per game.

  • We think most can agree that she is more than capable of holding her own on that court, even without the Olympic experience. 

It seems many in women’s basketball have a strange agenda against Clark, which is baffling to us, considering she is undoubtedly the best thing to happen to the sport in a very long time.

💬 Indiana Fever coach Christie Sides on Caitlin Clark not making the Olympic team: Clark told Sides, “Hey coach, they woke a monster.”

💄The world’s first AI beauty pageant

📸 Euronews.com

Creator platform FanVue decided that the old way of doing beauty pageants, you know, with humans, was sooo outdated. 

So, they did what anyone would do: created the inaugural ‘Miss AI’ contest, in which over 1,500 AI-generated models competed this month to be crowned the world’s prettiest robot.

  • The contestants don't exist at all in the real world.

  • They only appear on social media, mainly Instagram, as photorealistic images of beautiful young women created with AI.

Some characters appear talking and moving in videos, sharing their "thoughts" and "news" through text on social media posts, similar to how traditional beauty pageants ask contestants for their opinions on real-world matters.

And just like most contestants represent different countries, so do these AI models, showcasing various causes and personalities.

Here are a couple of examples: 

  • First, Kenza Layli, a Moroccan contestant, expressed her gratitude for being selected as one of the finalists for Miss AI.

📸 New York Post

  • And here’s Anne Kerdi, France’s entrant, who just so happens to be a brand ambassador for the ocean conservation fund Océanopolis Acts.

📸 Oregon Public Broadcasting

Here are some more details on the contest:

  • 10 finalists were selected from the pool of 1,500 AI-generated contestants, and the winner will be announced at the end of June.

  • The judge's decision will be based in part on the AI technology behind the avatars, including prompts, image outputs, and the creators’ ability to engage audiences on social media.

Which is why the contestants are all active on social media.

The prize pool also includes $20,000 in awards and access to PR and mentorship programs.

This is just the beginning of AI-generated brand ambassadors and models. You really didn’t think AI could get any crazier? Well, guess again!