🤝 BeReal acquired by Voodoo for €500 million

PLUS: Mexico City getting its own NBA team?; Joey Chestnut banned from Hot Dog contest

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🤝 BeReal acquired by game publisher Voodoo for €500 million

📸 Tech Crunch

For those a bit older, BeReal is a type of social media app that came out in 2020.

The platform's goal is to prioritize authenticity and genuine connections, and it’s done a great job.

Here’s how in a few short bullets:

  • Users only have two minutes to take and post their photos.

  • There are no filters or edit capabilities, so every photo is real.

  • Photos can only be shared with your friends on the app (brilliant network effect)

  • There are no likes, or public follower counts. 

💬 BeReal has around 40M users and nearly 20M daily active users.

💬 As part of the deal, BeReal Co-Founder & CEO Alexis Barreyat will be leaving the company.

Despite its early success, BeReal has been struggling a bit to grow its user base of late and has been seeking a buyer to help it with funding.

Simply put, they were running out of cash.

Enter Voodoo for a few reasons:

  • Worth over $1.7 billion.

  • Over 5 billion downloads across its game portfolio.

  • Already grown popular games like Helix Jump, Block Jam 3D, and others.

💬 “BeReal achieved incredible user loyalty and growth, showing there is a universal need to share real, unfiltered experiences with close friends.” Alexandre Yazdi, Voodoo co-founder and CEO

Voodoo is a great option for BeReal, and Voodoo believes that this acquisition will allow BeReal to focus on growth and expansion rather than finances. 

Don’t worry about the money, sweetie; just focus on making a good product. 

Man, that’s really the sentence every founder wants to hear.

🇲🇽 Is Mexico City getting its own NBA team?

📸 Associated Press

For the last few years, the NBA has been looking to add an expansion team to the league. 

This isn't unheard of; the NHL has done it a couple of times in the last few years, and the NBA and NFL have both done it before.

The main issue for the NBA has been finding a location for this potential new team.

Some options include moving back to Seattle or even a LeBron James-owned Las Vegas team.

It really would be sick to see those SuperSonic jerseys donned on the court again.

📸 NBA.com

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver doubled down on the plan for a new team after stating that the league would have a committee of owners to explore possible markets. 

He also said, "It's not preordained that we’ll expand... but I don’t think there’s any doubt that over time, this league can sustain two more teams."

So clearly, this new team thing isn’t just a distant pipe dream.

But while Seattle and Las Vegas would be fun to see, adding a new team in Mexico City might make the most sense for the league.

📸 John Coletti

Some context in order of importance:

  • The NBA added the Capitanes de Ciudad de México ahead of the 2021–22 G League season (and they’re slowly but surely getting better each year).

  • Mexico City, with a population of ~22 million, is the fifth-most-populated city in the world and the largest in North America.

  • And most appealing for the NBA, no U.S. professional sports league currently has a team in Mexico City. 

While the NBA, NFL, and MLB have all played in Mexico City, only the NBA seems to be interested in potentially moving a team there.

💬 “I don’t have a specific timeline right now in terms of expansion, but there’s no doubt we will be looking seriously at Mexico City over time,” said Adam Silver.

🌭 Joey Chestnut banned from Hot Dog contest

📸 US weekly

June 11, 2024, may go down as one of the darkest in American history.

Joey Chestnut, the recurring winner of the July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest, has been banned from competing this year.

💬 Chestnut was paid $200,000 to appear in the Nathan’s contest last year, and was offered a $1.2 million, four-year contract going forward.  

New York Post

💬 Chestnut devoured a world record 76 dogs in 2021.

What? How? What happened? Chestnut, who has won the competition an astounding 16 times, made a deal with the hot dog equivalent of the devil.

He will now reportedly represent Impossible Foods, which recently launched a vegan frankfurter impostor made from plants.

No, say it ain’t so!

Whatever line there is in competitive hot dog eating, this is like crossing it, spitting on it, and then some.

And Major League Eating (MLE), which Nathan’s sanctions to run the event, certainly agrees.

They reportedly bent over backward to meet Chestnut’s various other demands, even agreeing to let him participate in a rival Labor Day dog-eating fest to be taped by Netflix.

But fake hot dogs, Joey? Fake hot dogs?

That is a disgrace to the entire meat-eating community.

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