Cybertruck's Rapid Downfall

A Brief Timeline of Tesla's Electric Truck

November 2019: Cybertruck was unveiled by Elon Musk, and he breaks the freaking window.

An eerily accurate preview of what was to come.

Skip a bit of time. Now, the delays…

August 2021: Tesla delays Cybertruck release to early 2022 due to production issues.

January 2022: Cybertruck production is delayed again to late 2022.

November 2022: Wait for it, yup, Cybertruck release delayed again to the end of 2023 now, with early production in mid-2023

Mom, my Cybertruck is here! But I think it’s broken.

July 2023: The first prototype shows quality issues, like the front and back passenger doors don’t align. Whoops

📸 The Drive

Following the mishap ... Musk sent a not-so-subtle email blasting his employees for not being able to get their crap together.

February 2024: Tesla recalls 2.2M vehicles for software issues and rust problems. Owners also reported safety concerns due to critical system errors

April 2024: The "Cyberguillotine" meme is born.

Because Tesla did not add pinch sensors to the Cybertruck's frunk, if your finger, arm, head, or anything gets stuck, you might not get it back

And finally... Tesla stopped delivering and recalled all Cybertrucks because owners reported a problem with the accelerator pedal.

“The accelerator pedal can become stuck, sending the truck accelerating beyond control, making it a danger to everyone on the road.”

Maybe one day the Cybertruck will be ready to take over the world as Elon predicted, just not today

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