📺️ Gen-Z's New Streaming Platform

The impressive numbers behind "Tubi"

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📺️ Tubi — Is this favorite Gen-Z's new streaming platform?


In 2014, Tubi was created with a simple purpose: to eliminate the need for a subscription. The company runs what Hollywood executives call a ‘FAST’ (Free Ad-Supported Television) platform.

  • It offers free content to viewers and makes money only with advertisements (a very different model than average paid subscription-based streamers).

  • There are ~240,000 hours of classic programming like Scandal and Everybody Hates Chris.

  • Its goal is to be a buffer when you don’t want to scroll on TikTok or Instagram.

  • The company doesn’t expect you to watch more than 10% of a show if even that.

And they might be on to something…

Around 60% of Gen Zs prefer watching videos on user-generated content platforms like YouTube and TikTok because they don’t want to spend time looking for something to watch.

📸 Deloitte

As of late last year, Tubi had over 78 million subscribers, with nearly 48% of their audience aged 13 to 30.

They know how to please their customers.

Over the past year or so, Tubi, which NewsCorp acquired in 2020 for $440 million, has grown its viewership share in the U.S. from 1.3% to 1.7%, ahead of Peacock (1.4%) and Max (1.3%) in February.

Tubi’s growth can be attributed to a few things, but we believe it’s their unique ability to understand users, as we just discussed, along with their ability to deliver a unique viewing experience, that sets them apart.

Instead of just giving you a big pile of shows and movies like Netflix to pick from, they organize content into channels and categories.

You can choose a specific genre to watch or leave a channel on, whether the Bob Ross Show or the NFL Network.

Virtually any type of show you might want to watch will be there 24/7.

Along with its easy-to-use platform, Tubi actively engages its users to improve it.

Through surveys, social media, and direct communication channels, Tubi not only collects preferences and feedback but also creates the feeling of a genuine community.

Tubi's commitment to being a customer-centric platform has allowed it to grow exponentially and stay afloat among streaming giants.

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