📢 Tesla's New Advertising Push

PLUS: X (Twitter) is launching a TV app; Livvy Dunne: The Queen of NIL

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📢 Convincing Shareholders: Tesla's New Advertising Push

📸 The Truth About Cars

Since the beginning, Tesla has been known to rarely spend money on advertising.

No commercials, billboards, or a consistent social media presence.

Why? Well, think about it; there’s really no need to spend money on advertising when you have one of the world’s biggest celebrities and cult leaders, Elon Musk, as the CEO of your company.

What a treat! But now it seems Tesla is changing its tune.

💬 Tesla revealed that it had paid for advertisements and promoted posts—including on X. 

Over the past few months, Tesla has been spending millions on social media and billboards to engage shareholders and convince them that Musk deserves his 2018 pay package.

A package that would allow him to buy 304 million Tesla shares at a massive discount, $23.33 each, which would value them at an unprecedented $52 billion.

🤑 Musk’s paycheck would be the largest in history.

As you’d expect, the pay package has been quite controversial; $52 billion is a sh*t ton of money.

Some believe it's blasphemous for Musk to get so much, while others believe he deserves every penny, considering he started the company from scratch, saved it numerous times, and turned it into a trillion-dollar company.

However, the debate came to a screeching halt in March when a Delaware court voided the 2018 shareholder approval of Elon Musk's pay package.

So now, Tesla is trying its best to convince shareholders to approve the pay package again before the next shareholder meeting on June 13.

We’ll see who comes out of this one victorious.

📉 Tesla ($TSLA) is down -28.56% this year.


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📹️ X (Twitter) is launching a TV app

📸 New York Post

Despite the new marketing campaign, Elon Musk clearly has a lot more time on his hands than we thought.

Now, he’s reportedly launching a TV app.

Very soon, X (Twitter) will release its own channel, similar to Roku, featuring a wide range of modern-day content.

The content will be pretty broad, from viral videos across social media to live interviews with controversial journalists like Tucker Carlson.

One thing you’ll never be on X or this TV app is bored, that’s for sure.

The Bluetooth transition from watching content on your phone to a smart TV is supposed to be seamless—hopefully, there will be none of that old Apple TV lag.

  • The goal is simply to keep users updated on the latest news and conversations on multiple devices, but X’s plan goes deeper than that.

  • Over the past few years, traditional media channels have taken a nosedive in viewership and retention. 

  • People, especially those below senior citizenship status, are sick of watching the same boring news churned out hour after hour, day after day.

That’s why X has seen a mass migration of users looking for quick, digestible news and a crazy influx of creators willing to make the content.

Independent journalists and even legacy media companies like Fortune and CNBC have begun creating their own streamable content on the platform because that’s where/what people wanna see.

For a while now, Musk has made it clear that live streaming will be a crucial aspect of X, and now we finally see why. 

Musk doesn’t want to just compete with legacy media; he wants to dismantle it.

🥇 Livvy Dunne: The Queen of NIL

📸 Yebscore

A few weeks ago, "Livvy" Dunne, the famous LSU gymnast and TikTok creator, announced a multi-million dollar NIL deal with Passes.

💬 NIL stands for “name, image, and likeness…” kind of like a college athlete’s IP.

'Passes' is like Patreon, letting creators offer exclusive content to subscribers for a monthly fee.

  • This provides a steady income and helps to grow their communities further.

  • As you’d imagine, this platform is perfect for Livvy, who has tens of millions of engaging followers across platforms likely willing to pay a small fee to get some exclusive content.

Not that kind of exclusive content, weirdos.

Why are we talking about this? Well, first, because of her loyal following and her talents on the balance beam, she has become one of the most sought-after NIL athletes.

Livvy is unanimously considered one of the most valuable ($3.9M) NIL athletes across every site and ranking we've seen, with major deals already in place with brands like Nautica and Body Armor.

“College athletes have some of the most engaged superfans [and] Livvy is a powerful example of female entrepreneurship in the evolving NIL landscape.”

Passes CEO, Lucy Guo

But the Passes deal is a bit different; it’s the perfect way for her to take advantage of the NIL business model.

While the Nautica and Bodyarmor deals are great, they are just that—brand deals.

She’ll make some money, and then her contract will end.

But with Passes, Livvy can continue growing her true product and value: her audience.

💬 “Passes allows me to offer exclusive content and experiences, turning my passion for gymnastics as a college athlete and content creation into a sustainable career path.”

Olivia Dunne

It's a brilliant move—keep feeding the beast that’s taken you this far, and get paid while doing it!